In the late 70’s writer Mike Francis Carvalho moved to Bristol due to a connection with the Old Vic theatre company. It was during that period, the era of post punk ‘New Wave’ that a chance encounter with Midge Ure and his band the Rich Kids lead to a fascination that remained until the creation of this contemporary work. Driven by a recent resurgence of 1980’s culture and featuring the talents of Amir Rahimzadeh and Sharon Heywood, Vienna is touring this summer coincidentally almost alongside tours by the aforementioned Mr Ure and Ultravox and will be appearing at Exeter Ignite Festival, Buxton Fringe and the ‘Nowt Part Of Festival’ in Manchester .

Vienna is set during late evening on 30th November 1989 when Ultravox fan Barry visits his ex-partner and is faced with a dilemma… What would Midge Ure do? The piece is a tale of relationship obsession powerfully portrayed in this extremely adventurous work. It’s fair to say that that in Vienna things don’t exactly turn out as expected. The play is directed by illy best known for his career directing prime time BBC, Granada and Mersey Television along with cutting edge film and drama.


“The chemistry between Rahimzadeh and Heywood is ethereal…an outstanding script…award-worthy”
Mike Bowden – Manchester Mule

“A truly excellent two hander that most certainly does not turn out as expected”
**** Sue Callaghan Murray – Nerve Magazine

“an air of tension so taught it can be cut with a Wham! video and almost immediately release humour with distressing ease.”
David Carlisle – Buxton Fringe Review

“Reminisce to a time when photocopying was the news of the day and Midge Ure still had a full head of hair”
**** The List